Why Is Summer Day Camp Important?

North Raleigh Day Care: Why Is Summer Day Camp Important?

You might ask our North Raleigh day care, “Why is summer day camp for children important?” Though there are many reasons, a few statistics sum up the essence of the idea. According to ACA.com:

  • 96% of children say summer day camp helped them make new friends
  • 92% of children say summer day camp helped them feel good about themselves
  •  72% of summer day camper’s parents say their child gained self-confidence at camp

While attending summer day camp, children can laugh, learn, and interact with other children their age. They can unplug from technology, get outdoors, and enjoy nature.

Skills developed throughout camp, are both physical, creative, and mental.  Children learn teamwork, creativity, and self-confidence.

With so much similarity to the structure and experience of their time spend at school or Raleigh child care, summer day camps have benefits that are incomparable.

In addition, day camp isn’t just for children that are currently enrolled in school or a North Raleigh day care. According to ACA.com,

“Day camp can be a child’s first independent experience away from mom and dad. A child can strengthen emerging skills of making new friends, taking care of their own belongings, trying new activities, and taking risks. This first experience away from home, in a new setting with unfamiliar peers, can create the foundation needed for successful longer-term experiences away from home.”

BrightHaven Academy, North Raleigh day care, offers supportive directors and staff members that help build long lasting bonds and trustworthy relationships. We strive to challenge children to take positive risks, step outside their comfort zones and engage in independence. Summer day camp, as well as our “track-out” programs, all throughout the school year are beneficial for children.

If you’re interested in talking with us further about our Raleigh child care or summer day camp, contact BrightHaven Academy!

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