Snow Day Fun at Home!

Plan Your Snow Day With Help From Our North Raleigh Child Care Center!

With all of the snow days in the recent past, it’s important to gather together a few physical and educational activities for your preschoolers to do when they’re stuck inside for hours at a time. Below, our North Raleigh child care center has listed a few great activities that help save your child’s sanity, as well as your own!

Use the Snow as an Advantage

Teaching your children to shovel the driveway and sidewalk gives them physical activity, as well as, a sense of responsibility. If they have a bit of extra energy, send them over to shovel the neighbor’s drive, too!

Hot Coco with Real Chocolate Bars

Work in a little science lesson with hot chocolate! Allow the kids to melt their own chocolate bars into hot chocolate. They’ll love watching it melt and also get a better understanding of solids and liquids.

Maple Syrup

Another great science lesson? Boil real maple syrup for 10 minutes, stirring often. Carefully take the syrup outside and let the kids pour it onto smooth, clean snow. They can draw their names, numbers, letters, and shapes with the syrup. Once it cools, they can pick up the syrup ad have a yummy, sweet snack!

You could even turn this into an educational game. If the children are too small to handle the syrup, draw shapes, letters and numbers for them. As they cool, have the children guess what you’ve drawn!

Snowman Marshmallows

Get the creative juices flowing with marshmallows! Put three mallows on a plate and offer chocolate chips for eyes and buttons. Also offer edible noses and thin pretzel sticks for arms! See how creative the kids can get, then let them enjoy their creation as a snack!

There are tons of fun, creative, educational, and physical activities you children can do during a snow day! For more activities from our North Raleigh child care center, be sure to visit back with us soon!

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