Reinforce What Your Child Learns at Day Care, at Home!

Welcome back! Today, we are going to continue offering tips that help get your child ready for Kindergarten. BrightHaven Academy, a day care in Raleigh, strives to make sure your child is Kindergarten ready as they make their journey to elementary school. In addition to some of the things we do at our day care facility there are things you, as parents, can do at home as well!

Using a combination of these tips at home and in a day care in Raleigh will really reinforce what your child is learning!

Shapes and Colors -  Learning shapes and colors are two of the most important things your child should know before they enter Kindergarten. There are tons of educational websites that use simple games to help children learn and remember shapes and colors. Our day care center helps children learn by painting shapes different colors and learning the proper names of them as we go along. At home, challenge your children to make pictures with shapes and ask them to name them when they’re done!

Letter Recognition - A great way for children to learn letter recognition is through a computer keyboard. It’s almost like solving a puzzle. The entire alphabet is on a keyboard, all mixed up! You could even use your cell phone to help. Allow your child to type a note to dad or grandma. While preschoolers are learning their letters at day care, it’s important to reinforce it at home. Allowing children to use a keyboard is a great way!

Identify Beginning Sounds – While your children use the keyboard at home, make them say the sounds of the letters out loud. Children can type their name and sound out each letter as they go. Once they’re comfortable with their name, move on to easy words like mom, cat, dog, dad, etc.

Reinforcement is Key | Day Care in Raleigh

Working with your child at home is a great way to reinforce the things they learn while they’re at their day care in Raleigh. Getting your child kindergarten ready is an important part of BrightHaven Academy’s daily goals. We ensure that your child will learn the skills they need to start elementary school with confidence and pride!

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a day care in Raleigh and would like to speak with our directors about setting up a tour and meeting, please feel free to contact us! We hope to hear from you soon!

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