Childcare Routines

Childcare Routines that create Positive Habits!

childcare-raleigh-routinesBrightHaven Academy relies, heavily, on routines. Without routines, children are unable to listen, learn, or think critically. More importantly, routines allow a child to feel comfortable and secure in their surroundings. Part of the reason BrightHaven’s welcome home atmosphere is prevalent, is because of the routines.

Routines are particularly essential for children to establish security and peace in their lives, away from school. They also help to establish good sleeping patterns for children and create the ability to learn time and attention management, as well as teaching them how to take responsibility. The positive habits will even spill over into their home life which always makes for a happy mom and dad!

BrightHaven’s Daily Routines

  • Hand washing or diaper changes after every activity
  • Set lunch and snack times
  • Center time
  • Play times and art projects scheduled after learning sessions
  • Set times for learning and development
  • Rest time

Our daily activities help establish the routines we set forth. Without routines, children have trouble reaching their capabilities in learning and comprehension. Our center time activities and other scheduled routine play times do vary from day to day, but the children can depend on the times of those activities being the same, each day. This was they build an understanding of when it's time to learn, play, listen, interact and more. We look to build and enforce positive habits for your children so they're ready to attend elementary school when the time comes.