Summer Camp For Kids!

Spring is just around the corner, which means that Raleigh child care, elementary, and middle school children are getting antsy about summer break. They know it's coming and they’re ready for a break! Time spent with friends around the swimming pool, no school work, and sleeping late are all on their agenda!

Raleigh Child Care: Consider Summer Camp for Your Kids, This Summer!

Have you given any thought to what your children will do all summer while they are out of school? When school is out for a couple of months at a time, or several weeks at time for year-round schools, children tend to get bored.

Thankfully, there are several options to help keep your kids learning and having a great time, all summer long. Summer camp happens to be very beneficial for kids and parents alike. Enrolling your children in a summer day camp is a great way to keep kids sociable, active, and keep them learning!

In addition, summer day camp is a great place for children to meet new friends, change up their routine just a bit, and learn to improve their physical fitness.

Here at BrightHaven, Raleigh child care center, we offer an excellent summer day camp program. Our summer camp will give your child the opportunity to play and get creative with his/her early childhood education development. From June to August, our Raleigh child care summer campers will have the opportunity to enjoy special activities, events, and more!

Give your child the gift of summer day camp at Raleigh child care center, BrightHaven. They’ll be thanking you for months to come, and will be counting down the days until their next summer break! If you’re interested in talking with our directors about summer camp, be sure to contact us soon. Enrollment will begin in the next couple of weeks! We would love to set up a tour or drop-in for you and your child to get a feel for our facility and teachers.

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