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North Raleigh Day Care: Fun Learning at Home!

While your kids are home during summer break and need a few fun activities to do, to keep from getting bored, consider sneaking in a few educational activities that are disguised as fun! Not sure what to do? Below, our North Raleigh day care offers a few fun, educational games and activities that will keep your kids learning all summer long, while having fun, as well!

  • Play restaurant. Collect takeout menus and a play cash register. One child places an order and the other tallies up the bill.
  • You can also make your own menu featuring your kitchen specialties. When a parent returns home from work, let the parent order off the menu.
  • Use word magnets to make sentences. Write words on magnetic tape, or get premade magnetic words. Let your child use a cookie sheet to rearrange the words to make sentences. Challenge your child to make longer and longer sentences.
  • Do laundry together. Crazy but true, laundry is educational! Even preschoolers can help you sort laundry by color, find matching socks and count towels and washcloths.
  • Study a foreign language. A whiteboard is as much of a summer essential as a beach towel. Every morning, write a word of the day in a favorite language – my child is crazy about French – and use the word all day long. Try working your word of the day into regular conversation and making up silly sentences.
  • According to, “Make a reading scrapbook. After reading a fantastic book, encourage your child to draw pictures about the story. Your child can also make up an alternate ending, write a sequel and create a timeline. Keep the book notes in a folder and turn them into a reading scrapbook at the end of the summer.”
  • Assemble jigsaw puzzles together. It may seem simple, but jigsaw puzzles are a great activity for summer downtime.

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Summer breaks away from day care are perfect times for fun, educational learning! It’s easy to sneak in learning when it's fun for kids!

For more fun activities that will keep your kids learning all summer, be sure to check back with our day care soon!

If you’re interested in talking with our North Raleigh day care about enrolling your child next fall or have a child that would like to join our summer day camp session, feel free to contact BrightHaven soon!

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