Help Get Your Child Kindergarten Ready!

Help Our North Raleigh Day Care Center Get Your Child Kindergarten Ready!

One of the key focuses at BrightHaven Academy, a North Raleigh day, is getting children Kindergarten ready. It’s important for children to learn essential, simple skills before they enter into elementary school so that teachers can ensure they learn what they need to help them thrive in Kindergarten and beyond.

Below, you’ll find a short list of things that parents can do at home that will help our North Raleigh day care ensure that your child is Kindergarten ready when the time comes to move on to elementary school.

Help With Story Writing Skills

Help your child write a story. Have your child tell you about what they did this week. Get them to make up a story about a fictional character. While they’re telling the story, be sure to help them understand the three parts of a story; beginning, middle, and end.  While they’re telling you the experience or story, type it up and print the pages. When the child is done and the pages are printed, have them illustrate the story with their own pictures. This activity will help them become imaginative writers and open to the idea of artwork.

Recognizing Their First Name

Your child might know how to spell their first name and even write it on their own. However, that doesn’t ensure that they know how to recognize their own first name if it’s already written or typed.

To help them recognize their first name, write their name for them on pieces of paper and put them around the house on things that belong to them.

You can also introduce them to the concept of typing their name on a computer keyboard. This can also reinforce what they learn about computers in their day care in Raleigh.

Knowing that your child is Kindergarten ready, well before they actually enter Kindergarten is a great feeling! BrightHaven Academy strives to do our best to teach children the skills they need for elementary school. There’s no better way to make sure they’re ready than to reinforce what they learn at home!

If you’re interested in talking with BrightHaven’s directors about enrolling your child in our North Raleigh day care, be sure to contact us! You can also go online and take a look at our daily activities and about us! We hope to hear from you soon!

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