Healthy Lifestyle Choices are Important

In our last post, we talked about BrightHaven Academy, a North Raleigh day care that offers quality, developmental child care to the greater Raleigh area. Our facility goes above and beyond to offer the best child care available. In addition to engaging in stimulating activities and learning life skills, our academy encourages children to participate in balanced nutrition practices and physical activity.

North Raleigh Day Care: Teaching Children to Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices at Home and Away from Home!

Positive physical activities and eating habits are the gateway to a healthy life. We help children build a healthier lifestyle by:

Physical Activity: Children are encouraged to participate in one to two hours of activity each day.

Food: Our North Raleigh day care will provide a variety of healthy food choices, including organic options when possible, during meals and snacks and encourage children to try new foods. Our menu offers fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats, beans and legumes.

Beverages: Water is always available for children at any time. We also offer 100% juice each day. Low and non-fat milks are available, as well.

Healthy lifestyles are important. Poor food choices and no physical activity can result in chronic diseases, obesity, and more. Our focus on teaching children to live healthier lives through food choices and physical activity can help them make better choices when they are away from home and parents.

BrightHaven Academy, a North Raleigh day care, is accepting new clients! If you’re needing to go back to work, and have children under the age of 5, feel free to contact us to talk about possible enrollment. We are available to meet with you and give you a tour of the facility, as well! We hope to talk with you soon!

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