The Benefits of Having a Child in Day Care

Our North Raleigh Day Care Can be Great for You and Your Child!

Having a child in a North Raleigh day care offers some definite benefits not just to the children but to their parents, as well. In fact, a professor of sociology, Mario Small, suggests that parents who have children in day care benefit from the interaction with other parents. Keeping your child at home or hiring a nanny to care for your children in your home can leave you little time to find other parents to bond with.  When your entire day is spent caring for your child, it's hard to find time to interact with other parents.

The professor also suggests,  "Daycare parents often become each other’s support, helping each other navigate child rearing issues, sharing their concerns for their children’s development and health issues, helping out with emergency babysitting, and providing different perspectives on schools and extra-curricular activities. In short, it’s a way to expand the proverbial village." Parents who send their children to a North Raleigh day care have access to other working, professional parents that might have a great deal of experience to share.

Professor Small also believes that mothers who enroll their children in day care have more friends than those that don't enroll their children in day care. It's also thought that mothers who enroll their kids in a North Raleigh day care have lower risk of depression. Even more, low-income families with children who are in day care are less likely to become homeless. As you can see, the benefits of enrolling children into day care extend far beyond those that directly impact your child.

As we've talked about in previous posts, your child can certainly benefit from leaving home to join day care. Yes, children who stay at home get plenty of one on one attention; but they rarely get the opportunity to share, play, and talk with a room full of children their own age.

A good day care setting allows your child to thrive and learn all the important social skills needed for their life journey ahead. They can interact with other children who will start to seem like siblings. Your children will learn to eat with, and around, other people. They'll also discover the importance of sharing. And, though we all worry about sickness in day care settings,  children who are exposed to germs early in life will have stronger immune systems when they start Kindergarten.

As you struggle with the decision of whether or not to send your children to a Raleigh day care, keep in mind that there are serious benefits to enrolling them in a facility; not just for them, but for you and your spouse as well. If you're interested in learning more about our Academy, be sure to visit BrightHaven's daily activities page. For more information about our North Raleigh day care, contact us anytime!

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