Kindergarten Readiness is Important!

Our North Raleigh Child Care Directors Focus on Kindergarten Readiness!

One of the aspects Bright Haven Academy prides itself on is the fact that we ensure that your child is Kindergarten ready upon leaving our North Raleigh child care. Children that are with us until it’s time to move on to elementary school will be ready for Kindergarten in more ways than one. In fact, below you’ll find a list of Kindergarten readiness skills and fun tips that our child care center uses. They’re also great for children to do at home as well!

North Raleigh Child Care | These skills and tips will boost your child’s learning:

Use a Computer Mouse - Using the mouse helps hone fine motor skills by building little muscles in your child’s fingers and hands. Allowing your child to use a mouse at home will help them learn to hold a pencil and promote good handwriting. Today’s popular trend is a tablet. Though using a tablet has its own benefits, it’s still good to make sure your child uses a traditional mouse from time to time!

Accelerate Number Recognition and Counting – Encouraging children to count their steps to specific places is a great way to help your child learn to track quantities and measurements. While they’re in day care, they can count their steps to the restroom or water fountain. At home they can count their steps to the mailbox or count their steps around the house. Making it a game is a great way to incorporate it into everyday life. Anytime the child goes up or downstairs, encourage them to count each step! Soon, it will be fun and you won’t even have to remind them to do so!

Get Ready for Reading- There are a ton of great apps, websites, and software that help with reading. Online books can offer interactivity more than a regular book can. They read the story aloud for your child, highlight important words, help them practice left to right eye movement and more! Though our facility uses traditional books, we also use online books. Download an app on your phone for your child so that when you’re out, they’ll have something fun and educational to do!

There are more ways to help get your child ready for Kindergarten. For more tips visit back with us on our next post. If it’s time to consider North Raleigh child care for your child or children, consider contacting BrightHaven Academy for more information. We are a hands-on, family-owned academy that cares for your children as if they were our own!

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