Fun Water Activites for Preschoolers!

North Raleigh Child Care: Water Activities for Preschoolers!

Spring weather is finally here and summer isn’t far behind it! With spring break and time away from our North Raleigh child care coming up, it’s time to get outdoors with your preschooler and enjoy the warmer weather! A great way to do that is to have fun with water! Preschoolers can learn a great deal from a water day.  Plus, time spent with your little one can make for a fun, relaxing day, after a week of stress or work!

North Raleigh Child Care | Water Activities that Help Children Learn!

You can fill up a wading pool, use a water table, or make your own DIY water fun! You can even have a water day indoors if it’s raining! The bathtub and kitchen sink are great alternatives!

If you don't have a water table, don't worry; you can easily make your own! All you need is:

  • A large plastic container or bucket
  • Household items that will float, sink, or squirt, such as: cups, small plastic containers, spoons, turkey baster, spray bottle, stones, marbles, sponges, strainer, or funnel
  • Plastic toys for pretending, such as: toy dishes and food, dolls, vehicles, action figures

The goal of these fun activities for your preschooler when you enjoy water and play together are:

  • Enjoy interacting and talking with you
  • Learn some new concepts or words
  • Think, imagine, experiment, predict, and explore
  • Have fun!

Whether you experiment with different sizes of containers or you help them use their imagination to envision a pirate that's searching for treasures, your preschooler is bound to learn and they'll certainly love playing in the water with you!

Thinking outside the box, getting your children engaged in learning at home in fun ways and spending quality time together at the same time is priceless! We hope you have fun with your children outdoors or inside this spring with these fun activities!

If you are interested in speaking with BrightHaven Academy about enrolling your child in our summer programs or need to enroll your child in our care for the first time this fall be sure to contact us! We can set up a meeting and tour of our facility so that you and your child can become acquainted with our North Raleigh child care center!

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