More Summer Learning Fun!

North Raleigh Child Care: Summer Learning Can Be Fun!

We are back with more fun ways to get your kids involved in educational activities this summer while they're on summer break from their North Raleigh child care! Be sure to take a look back at our last post before moving on if you missed it!

  • Try simple science experiments. A baking-soda volcano is a tried and true way to get kids involved in learning and creating! Unbelievably easy to make, you’ll be surprised at how much fun your kids can have while learning!
  • Create a family newsletter. Start by taking photos of family outings and activities. Then, write stories about family adventures, vacations and fun times at home. Include a favorite summer recipe. Send your newsletter to family members and friends.
  • Find a pen pal.  This is a great way to get your kids writing, reading, and sharing, all at the same time! If you have family that lives in another city or state, friends that have kids, or anyone willing to engage in writing your children back, this is a great activity!
  • Another suggestion from is to make up stories. “You can create your own fill-in-the-blank stories. Don’t overthink, just start writing. ‘Every time we pass by the big house on the corner, we think about the time our pet (animal), (name of favorite teacher), got loose in the neighborhood and ended up eating (favorite food) out of (favorite neighbor)’s refrigerator.’ ”
  • Record your own audiobooks. Let your child read her favorite book while you record it. Save the recording on your computer, and let her listen to her story when she craves down time. If you have several kids, assign each a character!
  • Create your own book series. According to, you can “Start by brainstorming ideas for a character and setting. Then think about what will make your character special. Maybe he or she is an amateur detective or obsessed with baking cupcakes. Older kids can write their stories on the computer, younger kids can dictate to a parent or an older sibling.”
  • Try different art types. Play with different types of paint! There all kinds; from watercolor to oil-based. Check out pastels, colored pencils, charcoal and other art supplies. Help your kids discover ways to express their creativity. Encourage them to make mixed-media masterpieces.

Learning is easy when it is fun and exciting! BrightHaven Academy loves to make learning fun and exciting on a daily basis at our North Raleigh child care facility. If you'd like to learn more about our facility, be sure to visit our daily activities and about us online! For more information on enrollment for the fall, contact us, soon!

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