Kindergarten Readiness at Home!

North Raleigh Child Care: There are many ways to help get your child ready for Kindergarten while they're at home!

Welcome back! Today we are going to offer a few more ways to help your child with Kindergarten readiness at home. Working with your child to help reinforce what they learn at their North Raleigh child care is important!

Following Directions

Following directions is a major part of becoming Kindergarten ready. Though it seems simple, children often struggle with following directions the most. When you’re at home, encourage your child to help you do something they’ve never done before. Give them step by step instructions and help them follow them. It’s important to work with your child, hands on, when trying to teach them how to follow directions. If you are following them, they’re more likely to do the same.

Concentrate on Attention Span and Focus

According to, “These activities also build up your child’s concentration, which will help with attention span and focus on her work. Encourage your child through the process of completing the activities by pointing out something she’s doing right, such as ‘I love the way you’re typing your name so quickly!’ Remember, focusing on her effort versus praising her with a simple ‘good job’ will make her a much more motivated learner.”

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Besides preparing your child with Kindergarten readiness skills, you will also help them learn important life skills like cooking, cleaning, and more! If you’re ready to enroll your child into our North Raleigh child care center to help them get a jump start on becoming Kindergarten ready, be sure to contact us!

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