The Importance of Show and Tell

North Raleigh Child Care: Show and Tell is an Important Activity that Children Benefit From.

At BrightHaven Academy, show and tell is one of our most emphasized activities. Of course, it's a lot of fun for the kids, but it's also educational and builds confidence. Our North Raleigh child care facility feels that show and tell even helps children:

  • learn to speak and listen
  • learn how to ask inquiry based questions
  • learn to make connections between student responses
  • anticipate and observe
  • practice critical reasoning skills
  • practice storytelling
  • learn the concepts of same and different
  • use vocabulary- doll, computer, toy car, puppet
  • use descriptive language

Children who participate in show and tell at a North Raleigh child care center learn the following:

  • how to use descriptive words and proper vocabulary
  • how to ask about "the why"
  • how to discuss and make connections
  • how to introduce yourself
  • how to be a good audience
  • how to thank someone for sharing

Sometimes, show and tell can be about particular items like:

  • A favorite book
  • A "safe" kitchen tool (whisk, cookie cutters, etc)
  • a portable musical instrument- harmonica, recorder, keyboard
  • a stuffed animal
  • a portrait collage or a family picture
  • collage of items in his/her favorite color.
  • a new skill
  • take grandma or grandpa
  • a favorite pair of shoes or a funny pair of socks
  • a favorite hat
  • a relative with a special "ability" or unique job
  •  a song in another  language.
  • a computer print out
  • a favorite DVD/Movie/computer game
  • small pets
  • drawing
  • an old old item
  •  items that start with the first letter of your child's name
  • sensory gloves- fill rubber gloves with different materials
  •  healthy snack
  • a lego project
  • favorite collection - shells, rocks, coins, stamps
  • a baby object
  • an outdoor object - leaf, twig, feather, stones
  • objects with alphabet "A"  or "B"..... and so on
  • a special blanket, pillow cover...etc.

We can even incorporate things like:

  • Season
  • Color
  • Transportation
  • Country
  • Culture
  • Shapes
  • Texture
  • Weights
  • Size
  • Height / Length
  • Holidays

Show and tell is important for children; especially those of child care age. If you'd like to know more about our North Raleigh child care center, daily activities or talk to a staff member at BrightHaven Academy about visiting our facility, contact us!

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