North Raleigh Child Care: Circle Time

A North Raleigh Child Care Day Starts with a Well Planned Circle Time

Circle time is a planned part of our North Raleigh child care day. It is a routine that involves fun and engaging activities for children of all ages. The length is usually determined by the day, activity, and interest of the children. Bright Haven Academy feels that circle time is an important routine that should be implemented everyday.

Our North Raleigh day care providers use circle time as a teaching tool. Not only does it get the child ready for long periods of sitting and concentrating in grade school, it also encourages them to sit and concentrate at home as well.

Most circle time activities are child-centered and open-ended. This way children of all ages can participate using the skills they’ve learned to date.

Oftentimes, we tell stories, sing songs, have puppet shows, and other things that actively involve the children. It’s important that they participate, as well as listen. Physical movement during circle time is important, too.

In a previous post we talked about the importance of show and tell and that is part of circle time as well. Show and tell is a crucial part of a child’s learning. They acquire many different skills by participating in show and tell. To read more about the importance of show and tell visit our post here.

In addition, circle time always reflects the children’s interests, age and developmental stage. We are open to teachable moments that arise during circle time and are willing to go off-plan, if needed. Because circle time is so hands-on and interactive for the children, it’s possible that new lessons arise from planned ones. Our North Raleigh child care providers are ready and willing to act on those lessons and ensure that children learn as much as possible during the times they’re with us.

Our North Raleigh day care facility is dedicated to preparing your children for life, grade school and other events that they come in contact with over the years. Circle time is an important part of their learning and development skills.

If you’re interested in learning more about our North Raleigh child care facility, be sure to contact us or visit our activities page.

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