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Life @ BrightHaven

image_1BrightHaven Academy is one of the finest childcare facilities in the Raleigh NC area.

More importantly, as a family owned and operated academy, you can rest assured that BrightHaven will provide quality, attentive care to your young one. We'll also be sure your child is Kindergarten ready by developing the knowledge, skills and abilities Raleigh, NC educators expect upon entering their schools.

As sisters, with over 20 years of combined experience, we work together to provide a hands-on, childcare service for children 6 weeks to 5 years old. When you enroll your child into our academy, you know that you can trust us, the owners of BrightHaven Academy, to care for your child and make sure that they are “Kindergarten Ready” when they leave for elementary school.

Our passion for working with children has led us to own and operate a Christian-based academy, where we act as our own directors of child care. We work every day, with each child, to ensure that they get the knowledge, care and love they need.

BrightHaven has a sincere, adaptive, and openhearted environment for children. Our child care providers deliver the nurturing and supportive care for children and can manage delicate circumstances with grace and patience.

Please browse our website for more information about our academy and be sure to visit our activities page, to find out more about a typical day at BrightHaven Academy. Of course, feel free to contact us anytime, with any questions you might have.

The BrightHaven Philosophy and Mission

We believe it is important for each child to receive individualized attention throughout their day. We will encourage children to develop to their highest potential. As we nurture creativity, children develop a sense of self-confidence, while they explore as they learn. While providing a bible-based academic curriculum and creative curriculum we are able to meet the needs of children and the expectations of their parents in a safe, secure, and loving environment. We will strive to maintain integrity and high standards in this profession that is invaluable to the future of our children.

Our Mission: To create a safe environment that promotes healthy development in the child, as they are encouraged through learning and playing, while a part of a focused curriculum. To instill a foundation of security and self-esteem, while teaching and promoting good morals and values. To provide a qualified professional staff team that promotes and executes the high standards of our facility.

If you would like to learn more about BrightHaven or enroll your child in our academy, please contact us to begin the Admissions's process. Don't settle for less than the best! Your child deserves the best childcare in Raleigh!

Activities and Curriculum

  • 01.
    Circle Time By sitting in a circle, we encourage group activities like story time, sharing and more. It's important for your child to learn how to participate in a group in a meaningful and purposeful way.
  • 02.
    Show and Share Building off of each child's experiences, we use show and share time to help your child with public speaking and relating to others in group form. This is an essential trait of a kindergarten ready child.
  • 03.
    Group Play While it's important for your child to quietly observe others in some group activities, we also encourage play in groups which helps build teamwork and boundaries necessary to be successful in elementary school.
  • 04.
    Outdoor Play Just as we mentioned in group play, boundaries are extremely important when it comes to outdoor play. We give your child the freedom to roam a controlled area so they learn what is (and is not) appropriate in an outdoor setting.
  • 05.
    Arts and Crafts Some children are natural born artists while others struggle to be creative. Our arts and crafts activities are fun and challenging for any child regardless of their predisposition to the arts.
  • 06.
    Letters and Numbers It's no longer acceptable to go to kindergarten without basic knowledge of numbers and the alphabet. BrightHaven works with your children ensuring they can recognize and understand numbers and letters fundamentals.
  • 07.
    Quiet TimeWe teach your kids the importance of paying attention and quietly observing the world around them. While this is natural for some children, it's oftentimes difficult to achieve on command without practice.