Is Child Care in Raleigh Really Such a Bad Idea?

Anyone who works with child care in Raleigh, is a new parent, or even is the friend of a new parent has surely heard the argument between daycare vs. stay-at-home parenting. There’s the stay-at-home parent warning that child care leads to a life of juvenile delinquency while the working parents condemn at-home children to social exclusion and underdevelopment. It seems to be a never ending argument.

The real question is, is child care in Raleigh really “bad” for children? And, do they affect a child’s development?

It's a mind-boggling question that offers a great deal of dispute. A 2007 study claims "poor behavior in children is linked to their time spent in daycare." Other researchers found that "children who spent a year or more in daycare were more likely to engage in disruptive behavior through the sixth grade." Recently,  a 2013 study found little evidence that the length of time spent in child care affected any behavior. Why all the disagreement?  There are clearly other factors that also matter.

How Child Care in Raleigh Works

Some daycares are less than mediocre. It's just a fact that not all daycare centers are equal.  Some child care centers are poorly managed, run by people with zero interest in working with children. They may also be packed with too many screaming toddlers to keep track of. Their caregivers are overworked, underpaid, and completely exhausted. Lower quality child care will negatively impact a child’s development. Children need proper attention and guidance. Without it, preschoolers will never learn cognitive, social, and language development. They also won't be Kindergarten ready.

With that being said, there are child care centers that care. The highest quality child care centers provide a warm, nurturing environment. Their caregivers have received child care training and may even hold a child care education degree. An excellent child care facility will enrich a child’s development, not hinder it. They will give the children enrolled in their center a greater level of achievement.

There are many different aspects of child care in Raleigh, to consider. It's important to know all the facts before you deem it a bad idea for your child. There is a great deal of good that comes with enrolling your child into BrightHaven Academy. Our facility works to enlighten children, make them feel at home, and truly cares for their well being. If you'd like to ask our directors or teachers any questions about the care we give, feel free to call anytime. We hope to talk with you soon!

For more information regarding whether or not child care in Raleigh is a "bad idea" visit back with us on our next post.


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