Tips for Choosing the Best Day Care in Raleigh

Need help finding a day care in Raleigh? Follow these tips!

Many people ask for day care advice.  Which day care is best for your family?  What should you be looking for?  What questions should be asked?  Deciding on the right childcare for your precious children can be very overwhelming. It's important to know how to choose the best day care in Raleigh.

Here are a few easy steps that will make the decision easier.

Plan a budget - You don't always have to send your child to the most expensive childcare facility in order to get the best care. Before searching for the best facility, set a budget. How much can you afford per week or per month? Then call around or shop online for the facilities that fit your budget. After you have a list of possibilities, schedule visits to those day cares in Raleigh.

Keep traveling distance in mind - You will be traveling at least two times a day to your childcare center. Think about location after you have your budget in place. It's important to select a center that isn't too far from work or home. If you have children in elementary or middle school take those locations into consideration as well. Don't choose a center that's so far from your other child's school that you might not make it there in time! To make sure the distances work for you, you could even do test runs to and from the center.  Think about the time it will take if you are stuck in traffic.  Will you be able to get there before it closes?  Most centers open between 6:30am and 7:00am.  Will that allow you enough time to get to work after dropping your child(ren) off?

Don't read the reviews -  Sometimes, online reviews from other parents can really give a child care center a bad name. Don't rely solely on those reviews or verbal reviews from parents that have children in the center. Before reaching a verdict regarding the place, visit once or twice.  Form your own opinion of the center.

Make appointments to visit the center during different times of the day -  It is very important for you to see the center at different times of the day.  Children behave differently when they first arrive. They also behave differently at lunch and on the playground. To really see how the facility operates, visit in the morning and then again in the afternoon. You'll get a better overall impression of the center.

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For more info on how to choose the best day care in Raleigh, visit back with us on our next post. In the meantime, contact BrightHaven Academy for more information about our child care center!

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