At Home Spring Break Activities!

North Raleigh Day Care: Spring Break Activities to do at Home!

Soon, all local public schools will be out for spring break! While BrightHaven Academy does offer spring break day camp programs for your children, we understand that some families decide to take the week off to spend together.  Today, we are going to offer a few activities that we like to do at our North Raleigh day care during spring break with the kids. These activities are fun and educational and can be easily done at home as well!

Our North Raleigh day care tries to cover a different topic each day. Each topic has to do with the season spring! At home, you can use this opportunity to help your children learn more about:

  • Insects
  • Birds
  • Animals
  • Plant life

You could even design different curriculums according to the age of your children. This will give each child something to look forward to while they’re out for their spring break!

In addition to learning about plants and animals, you could allow your children to explore the outdoors during playtime. They could plant veggies and flowers or go on a nature walk to find birds and other animals!

Exploring outdoors is always a great way to get kids involved in learning at home without boring them with too much detail! If it happens to rain during spring break, visit a children's museum, zoo or local wildlife sanctuary. While some of these places offer outdoor activities there are many things to do indoors as well!

Spring weather is the opening season for many outdoor sports, as well:

  • Swimming
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Gymnastics

These are all great sports that help children learn how to work together on a team, help them learn to make new friends, develop higher self-esteem, and learn positive sportsmanship. Playing a sport with the neighborhood children or signing them up to play rec center league will be a fun way to spend their spring and summer breaks!

For more ideas from our North Raleigh day care on how to entertain your children with educational and developmental activities at home during spring break, visit back with us soon! Also, if you are looking for summer day care for your kids once school is out, contact us for more information!

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