Child Development

Developing Children in a Positive, Safe Environment

development-childcare-raleigh-ncBrightHaven Academy provides educational child care to children 6 weeks to 5 years old. We are passionate in providing your child with the tools they need in all aspects of life, as well as, get them Kindergarten Ready. Unlike a traditional daycare facility, BrightHaven Academy education combines the state accredited Creative Curriculum with A Beka Book Curriculum, a supplemental program that helps us incorporate our Christian-based beliefs and teachings. In addition, we offer a safe and stimulating environment for each and every child. We strive to create meaningful experiences for children, each day.

Upon arrival to BrightHaven, you’ll immediately observe our “welcome home” atmosphere. Our dedication to teaching and passion for engaging your child in a cheerful, learning environment that will help him or her reach their potential, is something we strive for each and every day.

Your child will be Kindergarten Ready upon exiting our Academy at 5 years old. Our Curriculum allows us to ensure that your child will gain the developmental skills needed to start their next chapter in life.

Creative Curriculum is based on knowledge-building learning, making certain that each child learns the daily routines, opportunities, and social skills they need for daily life. Our BrightHaven professionals work with Kindergarten teachers in the surrounding area, making sure our curriculum stays on task at all times.

Our goal, along with Creative Curriculum’s goal, is to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere for children so they can learn to listen, share, work together, follow routines, think critically, and get ready for the world that awaits them. Our academy works hard to instill the values and development skills needed to successfully make the transition into elementary school.