More Tips for Choosing the Best Child Care in Raleigh

Welcome back! In our last post, we began offering tips for choosing the best child care in Raleigh, for your children.

 It's important to find the best child care in Raleigh, that fits your needs, as well as the needs of your children.

Below, you'll find a few more selection tips.

How do the children at the center look?  Are they clean?  Are they a mess?  Ideally, you want their appearance somewhere in the middle. It shows that they having fun, but aren't neglected.  Do they look happy?  You may find children crying, but that is not necessarily a red flag.  Children have good days and bad days.  They might be teething, tired, or a new student adjusting to being left in an unfamiliar place. If, however, after a few visits you notice that there are always children crying, that might be a red flag.

How does the staff interaction with the children seem? There should always be a teacher on the floor interacting with the children.  By law, there should be a specific teacher/child ratio. Ask what that ratio is. Make note of how many teachers are there. Use your instincts.  What do you think of the teachers?  According to, you might love all of them except one.  "Will that one teacher be interacting with your child all the time?  A teacher should be smiling, patient, talking eye to eye with the children.  He or she should speak to you pleasantly."

Ask the Director about child/teacher ratios and staff turnover - Also, ask the teachers.  Is the information you receive virtually the same regardless of who you ask? Depending on your state the ratios will be different.  By finding out the turnover rate you will have an idea as to how long the teachers might last and whether or not their work conditions are favorable.  Too much teacher turnover can be a sign of managerial issues.   If the head teachers have been there for more than a year that is generally a good sign.

Deciding on child care for your children can cause quite a bit of stress. You want your child to be cared for and nurtured just as they would be at home. BrightHaven Academy is a child care center you can trust. Our welcome home environment is evident from the minute you walk in the door. Our directors are a hands-on sister duo that strives to be the best at what they do. If you'd like to talk with us about enrolling your child, please contact us or visit our about us page for more details. We also have our daily activities for you to view right online! We hope to meet you and your child soon!


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