Choose BrightHaven Academy for Quality North Raleigh Child Care

Though BrightHaven Academy promises to provide quality North Raleigh child care, our commitment doesn’t end there.

Our passion lies with offering your child the opportunity to learn the skills they need to be successful in life. BrightHaven, North Raleigh child care, provides the tools needed to succeed in all aspects of life, in and away from school.

Traditional North Raleigh child care facilities cannot offer what our academy does. We use a combination of state mandated curriculums with a supplemental curriculum that helps us promote a safe, stimulating atmosphere for your child, every day. In addition, the experiences your child will have are meaningful and memorable.

Our North Raleigh child care facility’s teaching approach goes beyond getting your child kindergarten ready. We concentrate on early literacy, problem solving, social understanding, physical coordination, and logical thinking. In addition, we make sure that your child has an opportunity to express themselves with creative and positive character traits.

Each day, as well as, each activity at BrightHaven is treated as an opportunity to teach. Our daily activities go above and beyond, encouraging children to participate, show and tell, and interact with their peers in a polite and positive way.

Our teachers give individual attention to each child. We are a hands-on facility and strive to help each child meet specific developmental goals and needs. We also have an appropriate student-to-teacher ratio that ensures that these needs are met, each day.

Nurturing a child’s growth is important. BrightHaven understands that. It is our mission to make sure that we help children grow into lifelong learners that have strong intellectual inquisitiveness.

If you’re looking for a North Raleigh child care center that cares, do consider BrightHaven Academy. We promise to take care of your child as if they were our very own. For more information, feel free to contact us or visit our about us page.

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