Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Day Care

There Are Benefits From Enrolling Your Child in a North Raleigh Day Care

According to, "Usually, children are placed in child care because both parents are working. However, sometimes, parents are advised by a professional to enroll their child in child care because this environment will promote their child’s development."

There many questions about child care and whether or not it's beneficial for children. Below, you'll find a few facts from a report that studied child care and how typically developing children are affected by staying home versus going to a North Raleigh day care.

A study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)
in the US looked at the influence of both child care and the home environment on
over 1,000 typically-developing children:

  • Children who were cared for exclusively by their mothers did not develop differently than those who were also cared for by a child care facility.
  • Parent and family characteristics were more strongly linked to child development than those that stayed with a nanny or mother during their childhood years.

This means that family style interactions have a greater impact on how a child develops than a child that stays at home with only one person for most of their time.

Two family features that had a significant influence on children’s development were the quality of:

  • Mother-child interactions – children’s outcomes were better when mothers were responsive, sensitive, attentive, and provided good stimulation during interactions.
  • The family environment – families which had organized routines, books and play materials, and engaged in stimulating experiences both in and out of the home (outings, library trips, etc.) had children with better social and cognitive outcomes.

Thankfully, BrightHaven Academy can provide a loving, stimulating, family-like atmosphere for your children to learn and grown in. If you're a working parent, but want your child to have that welcome-home, family style time during the week as well as on the weekends, consider choosing our North Raleigh day care for your child.

Our directors are sisters and very hands-on, when it comes to interacting and teaching the children of our academy. You won't put your child at a disadvantage in development when choosing our North Raleigh day care for your child's care needs. If you're interested in talking with us about enrolling your child in our academy, feel free to contact us!

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