The Benefits of Consistent Early Childhood Education From a North Raleigh Day Care

North Raleigh Day Care: Consistent early childhood education can benefit your child!

The age old argument of day care vs. stay at home parenting is still being fought today. Is there any real benefit to enrolling your child in a North Raleigh day care facility? Honestly, there are many benefits; especially when your child consistently attends a day care. Those that only send their child 2-3 days a week might not benefit as much, but those children that attend a full 5 days a week, each week do benefit.

Below, you find just a few of those benefits, courtesy of

  • Your child will experience enriching educational lessons from quality, attentive day care teachers.
  • Your child will develop a positive self-esteem through early childhood education lessons focused on the importance of self-confidence.
  • You will have peace of mind that your child is safe as you work.
  • Your child will pick up healthy eating habits by learning about the importance of eating nutritional meals. Your child will also eat healthy snacks everyday at day care.
  • Your child will develop healthy emotional habits.

North Raleigh day care centers, like Bright Haven Academy, often give young children an opportunity to engage in unlimited quality education access.  Many children that stay at home with a nanny or babysitter do not have this opportunity.  Our academy teaches children new material every day and ensures that your child will excel during critical stages of childhood development. In addition, we work with your child to ensure the development of their professional and personal lifestyle.

Also according to, “Studies have shown children enrolled in early childhood education day care programs are more social and emotionally healthy than children who do not. Regular day care programs help children to effectively problem solve and reduce their likelihood of practicing aggressive behaviors.

  • A child that’s socially and emotionally stable can establish stronger cognitive skills. A Raleigh day care is the perfect place for your child to develop healthy early childhood education skills.
  • Our staff at Bright Haven Academy can provide your child with a healthy and fun early childhood education experience.
  • With our positive repetition of materials, your child will develop stronger logic skills. They will establish emotional security that allows them to become a lifelong learner. They’ll be open to change and different types of learning situations.

If you’re interested in talking with us about our North Raleigh day care center, feel free to call and speak directly to our directors of the academy. We are a hands-on, family oriented child care center that cares about the well being of your child. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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