Activities Designed to Develop and Educate Your Child!

childcare-raleigh-nc-learning-activitiesOur childcare activities complement Creative Curriculum and get children Kindergarten Ready. We make every effort to prepare your child for what's to come in their academic career. We use individual activities to promote learning. We engage in groups to make teamwork and sharing fun and easy. And we give of ourselves, each and every day, just as we do with our own children. It's no wonder why so many parents look to BrightHaven for childcare in Raleigh, NC.

Below are just a few of the activities we use on a daily basis to help develop and educate your children.

  • Arts and Crafts: It's important for your children to explore their creative side. It encourages brain development and stretches their imaginations regardless of whether they're an artist or not!
  • Group Activities and Play: While it's great that your child can play independently, it's very important they learn teamwork and how to interact in group settings. Our group activities are designed to teach these skills.
  • Show and Share: Encourages listening skills, public speaking confidence, and sharing.
  • Circle Time: Time for reading a story, discussing the shape or letter of the day, singing songs, talking about the weather and other activities allows circle time to introduce group participation.
  • Singing: Develops listening and cooperative skills, coordination of the tongue and lips, gross and find motor skills, as well as teach children to express their emotions.
  • Learning Time: Children focus on learning to write their name, the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. We speak with Kindergarten teachers in the area, track the progress of BrightHaven children, and work with the parents to make sure each child is gains the knowledge they need to start Kindergarten.
  • Letter and Number Recognition: Letter and number recognition are core activities at BrightHaven. Many teachers and elementary schools fully expect your child to know the alphabet and numbers while being able to write their name by the time they get to kindergarten.

Our activities help children develop the skills they need in their daily life. Whether they’re at home, with a friend, or leaving us to start kindergarten, BrightHaven’s daily activities ensure that your child will learn and be able to apply useful skills, routines, and think critically. A sample day in the life of a BrightHaven student follows:


  • Meet and greet the parents and children
  • Center playtime
  • Hand washing
  • Morning snack (healthy choices, milk, juice or water)
  • Diaper changes and hand washing
  • Center playtime


  • Cleanup
  • Circle time
  • Center playtime
  • Special art of the day
  • Play outdoors or engage in indoor gross motor activities
  • Diaper changes and hand washing


  • Lunch time (organic foods, healthy alternatives, milk or water)
  • Hand washing


  • Rest time while listening to soft music
  • Diaper changes and hand washing


  • Snack time (healthy choices with juice or water)
  • Diaper changes and hand washing
  • Story time and other group activities


  • Play outdoors or engage in indoor motor activities


  • Center playtime
  • Diaper changes and hand washing


  • Story time


  • Teacher directed play time


  • Tabletop toys
  • Cleaning duties
  • Center closing